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This course includes the latest tools from version SGO Mistika 8

Designed as a flexible high-end post production system Mistika is one of the most powerful finishing tools in the film, television and trans media industries.
Hollywood blockbusters like ”The Hobbit”, ”The Amazing Spiderman”, “Prometheus” “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “The Great Gatsby” and “The Adventures of Tintin” are just some titles featured in SGO Mistika showcase.

This course will cover both basic operation and advance user experience. It will emphasise the use of Mistika 8 in its key features: workflows, VFX, colour grading for DI and stereoscopy.

Students will learn how to operate this software, designed to handle extreme resolutions and multi directional workflows. With a hands-on teaching philosophy they will perform editing tasks, visual effects composition, footage restoration, colour grading and stereoscopy corrections.

The main goal is to learn SGO Mistika under the professional scope focusing not only in learning the theory, but the day-to-day work and the practice of case studies. Exercises that use several disciplines will encourage students to combine all their knowledge.

All the lessons will be in English language in Madrid, home of SGO Mistika headquarters.

TEACHER: Cristian Perenyi

Being vortexided in the post production karma for almost 20 years Cristian Perenyi worked with SGO systems since the early Jaleo days back in the 90’s. In 2011 he moved to London to work with Mistika at BSkyB for the Sky3D channel.

For the last four years he’s been working with SGO as a Mistika trainer and user manual editor as well. He taught Mistika to successful artists from the UK, India, Canada, Japan, Argentina and Spain.

Cristian Perenyi website:

DURATION: 50 hours

PRICE: 1700€ (1400€ early bird discount, deadline May 12th). You can get up to 20% discount if you join several courses. Discounts can not be combined.

WHEN: 2-13 June 2014. Monday-Friday: 15:30pm-20:30pm (may vary slightly)

Last day to make a reservation for this course is May 19th.

WHERE: Campus Audiovisual CES. You have all the information on how to get here. If you need any information you can contact 709 MR via email or phone (+34 668 840 783)


EQUIPMENT USED: SGO Mistika 8 in professional stations (one per student), display 3D

DEGREE: After completing the course the student will receive the official title of SGO «Mistika User» and a temporary license (one year) Mistika Insight (works on Windows 7 32b). Both the degree and license are issued by SGO, leaving to his discretion and the teacher’s if the student has completed the course with the necessary level (a final test will be performed)

TO: Editors, colorists, visual composers, post-production, stereographs, etc.

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Experience in any of the disciplines in which the tool Mistika is used: editing, creating visual effects, color correction and 3D stereoscopy


SGO Mistika 8 essentials
A walkthrough on key features and specifications.
Mistika main interface: timeSpace and Visual Editor.
Tabs. Modules. Manipulators.
Sub modes: Tracking Editor, Title Editor, Warper and Paint Editor.

Workflows and conforming processes.
Linux system basics.
Mistika setup. Projects configuration
Simple and multi-directional workflows.
2D and stereo workflows.
Tape and tapeless conform techniques.

The powerful Mistika Comp3D filter.
Animating values. Parameters and keyframe graph. Curves and points.
Optical flow and motion estimation technology.
Restoration and time warping tools.
Blur and texture mapping.
Keying, shaping and rotoscoping techniques.
Stereoscopic compositions.

Colour grading
Colour basics.
Colour Grade module and colour grading tools.
Toggles. Video scopes. Storyboard and Snapshot tools.
FX Presets.
Look Up Tables.
Advance colour grading techniques.
Use of the Control Panel Hardware tool.

Stereoscopy and 3D imaging.
S3D Geometry corrections.
Stereo design.
2D to 3D conversion “cheats”
Depth budget and depth graph scope.

File management and delivery.
Extreme footage: HFR and 4k+ resolutions.
Render. FCP and Avid media wrappers. Digital Cinema Package.
Troubleshooting errors and workaround.


You can download the documentation for completing the course here. Attending the course means that you have read and accepted its conditions.

For any information you can send an email to


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